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Group Wrangler

Group Wrangler is a web-based group management system built to satisfy any organization's group management needs. The application is designed to combine administrative group management seen in workflow-based tools with the communication aspects of individually managed social sites. Some of Group Wrangler’s key features include:

  • Customizable attributes that can be set up to track any relevant information
  • Automated grouping based on the custom attributes
  • Analysis tool for quickly analyzing group information via various graphs and charts
  • Variety of communication tools, including forums, blogs, and email

  • This application provides a novel approach to group management that is well-suited to any organization’s needs. We envision Group Wrangler to be the premiere group management system in the near future.

    Group Wrangler is a capstone project developed by several computer science students at Northern Arizona University. The team calls itself Team Lasso. Each team member brings unique skills and interests that contribute to the project.

    Team Lasso

    Team Members

  • Greg Andolshek - Design Architect, Programmer
  • Alex Koch - Graphics Designer, Programmer
  • Michael McCormick - Team Leader, Programmer
  • Sponsor

  • Melissa J. Armstrong - Assistant Director of the Global Science and Engineering Program at Northern Arizona University
  • Mentor

  • Dr. Eck Doerry - Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at Northern Arizona University

  • Find out more information about Team Lasso or download the full Group Wrangler product by visiting the team web site.